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The Church at South Edmonton cares about one thing more than anything else, Jesus Christ. The Church at South Edmonton is a family of individuals that have found hope in Jesus and simply want as many people as possible to experience that exact same freedom.

The Church was started in 2010 by a trio of families. Back then, this trio of families imagined a church that was truly welcoming to everyone - where everyone had a seat at the table regardless of personal history, family background, ethnicity, or gender. The Church at South Edmonton hosted its first gathering in late 2010.



The Church at South Edmonton exists to reach people and influence our city by growing a Christ-centered, Spirit-filled, Worship-driven church. Through genuine encounters with Jesus and the power of His Spirit, we desire to see hearts changed, lives healed, and people equipped and empowered to grow in their God-given giftings and purpose. As a church, our mission will be fulfilled as we develop disciples of Jesus who in turn impact the world through their expression of God’s love.

While the mission of a church is always consistent with the great commission, and church's visions may vary somewhat in describing how the church will fulfill its purpose, the values of a church are important to identify as they represent the unique DNA or spiritual characteristics and priorities of the church's culture and expression.



We were created first and foremost for a personal relationship with God.

Therefore, we value and prioritize worship in our local church experience.



We believe that the local church is more than a religious organization but a spiritual family in which context we experience life. Therefore, we value community.



Jesus commissioned His church to preach the Gospel and make disciples.

Therefore, we value discipleship.



We believe that God demonstrated His love through the generous expression of His grace.

Therefore, we valued seek to express generosity in all things.



Jesus was genuine in both thought and deed.

Therefore, we value authenticity and seek to live our faith, not just believe it.


Hearing God's Voice

We believe that God is always speaking and communicating with man.

Therefore, we value both hearing and prophetically communicating His voice.


Contributors Not Consumers

While CASE offers to meet the needs of those who are hurting and offers help to those seeking Jesus, we value the employment of a growth track that equips people to become those who help others.


No Perfect People Allowed

We recognize that we all have faults and imperfections. Therefore, we value and seek to create a culture and community that is inclusive and marked with acceptance and forgiveness.

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